The Best Christmas Gifts For Kids

Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrated as the day Jesus Christ was born. Christmas has grown into a celebration done worldwide both religiously and secularly, and in modern times it has become a period for family and friends to gather together and exchange gifts.

Why Is Christmas Important?

As a major Christian holiday, and a widely celebrated secular holiday, it is observed by billions of people around the world and accounts for very significant economic activity all over the world. During this holiday, special church services are held, and special meals/parties are enjoyed by family and friends. A Christmas tree is erected with lights and many decorations, while gifts are dropped around/under the tree or are exchanged.

Kids find delight during this time of the year as it serves as a time for them to be showered with lots of lovely gifts. Hence, with Christmas around the corner, it is never too early to start to begin planning on the coolest gifts you can get for your kids.

Attempt New Gifts

When growing up especially at the age of three, a child develops in his/her speech, motor skills, imagination, and social skills develop rapidly. Your kid’s playtime is a very important area of ​​the child’s development, as it plays a key role in developing them physically, mentally and emotionally. When you choose the right gifts to give to your kid, either a toy, games or some other gift, you are in effect doing something important that involves raising a healthy kid, strong and full of confidence. Such gifts do not only make them happy but also help in improving their skills, language, and senses as well as their relationships with family and friends.

One such gift you can really give your kid this Christmas to help him/her in this development is Reborn Baby Dolls.

Reborn Baby Dolls

A reborn doll is a doll which has been altered by an artist and transformed into a real looking human baby. The time-consuming process of making these detailed reborn baby dolls is called reborning. Reborn baby dolls are made from already made vinyl dolls which are selected for their existing lifelike features, human features and expressions, body softness and shapes, and silky feel, unlike other plastic store dolls. Some of these realistic looking features are things like openings for nostrils, ears and even well fitted prosthetic eyes into eye sockets . Hair is also fitted as wigs or strand by strand to the scalp of the baby doll to realize a lifelike look just as how hair is well featured on the scalp of a real newborn baby.

The dolls are stuffed and their weights are checked so as to get an accurate replica to the weight distribution of a real human baby, while some are also fitted with electronic features such as voice boxes, devices to make them feel warm as a real infant would and other mechanisms that support body motions, heartbeats and even breathing.

Why Choose Reborn Baby Dolls

Kids have a natural attraction for babies and dolls, so choosing your child’s first friend is a vital responsibility, and gifting them with these dolls at Christmas is a good opportunity or avenue to help them learn important qualities like affection and empathy. It helps care for such dolls like they were true life friends, by feeding, clothing and showing them care as they play with these dolls for a long time. How other better way for kids to express such affection when they play or what other better dolls to give to them as gifts than reborn baby dolls which have the looks, features, and feel like a real human baby or infant.

Some Reborn Baby Dolls respond to kisses, feeding, and speech and come in different genders and races, so giving your kids these toys as a Christmas gift will help them have a real-life feel of a companion as they can cuddle with these reborn baby dolls and even play games such as peek-a-boo with them. The soft features of these dolls also give your kid (who may have the inborn desire to take care of a baby doll) a companion to hug, hold, and nurture something little and with a human feel too.

Another interactive feature of some of these reborn dolls is the voice features which words, phrases, and languages. Some of these dolls are built with several languages ​​which can be fluently sung or spoken, and this gives your kid an opportunity to learn different languages ​​from a start or even perfect for a kid growing up in a bilingual home. Other dolls can be spoken to, and their words or phrases can grow up to a hundred overtime time, and they can respond to your kid’s words or voice signals.

These features in the function of these dolls are important reasons to choose reborn baby dolls as a Christmas gift for your kids, as these dolls help too;

  • Develop your kid’s care-taking and nurturing skills as he/she plays with the doll, by rocking the baby, changing diapers and feeding them. It in effect also develops their sense of empathy.
  • Develop cognitive abilities and language skills as they pretend to play with these dolls using creativity and imagination, and increasing their understanding and vocabulary.
  • Develop good motor skills and skills of self-assistance as they practice dressing/bathing these dolls which improve their grooming, hygiene, dressing order and process, and bathing procedures.

MyCutieGifts Dolls

MyCutieGifts is built and set up with a distinct vision to provide great arts of reborn baby doll, with a unique value and quality to serve customers better. With the aim of bringing more happiness to people and kids, MyCutieGifts has a host of collections of quality artistic reborn dolls for girls, boys, various races, and ages. The reborn baby dolls are adorable, well detailed, lifelike, beautiful skin tone and vivid facial expressions.

One of such MyCutieGifts reborn baby dolls is the Lovely Christmas baby doll Candida which is dressed in Santa clothes and on her head is a Father Christmas hat. Her lifelike appearance features a dreamy face with eyes well inserted, hand-painted eyebrows and perfect rolls, Sleek mauve lips. Her smooth and soft skin, with movable legs and hands, are well crafted with Gentle Touch vinyl making this reborn baby doll just one example of the best gifts to get for your kid this Christmas from MyCutieGifts.

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