The Best Christmas REBORN BABY DOLLS

Christmas season is nearly here and the time is just about right to start your Christmas shopping. If a reborn baby doll is on your list of gifts, then you are in luck. You do not have to look any further than here, described in detail , here are some of the amazing reborn baby dolls in stock you will not want to let go of.

  • Baby Doll Girl Candida

There aren’t a lot of reborn baby dolls out there who are as beautiful and lovely as Candida. She is dressed up in the typical Santa outfit for babies with a cute Father Christmas hat on her head. Candida’s features give the doll an uncanny resemblance to a real baby. She has big brown inset eyes, thin hand painted eye brows with shiny glossedpink lips which all come together perfectly to give that adorably innocent baby look. Her skin looks as soft and supple as that of a reborn toddler and you will be unable to resist snuggling it. She has short light brown hair which can easily be brushed and maintained.

Her slender hands and feet feature beautifully painted finger and toenails. The silicone limbs are movable so you can easily reposition it to cuddle up better. The doll is crafted with GentleTouch vinyl which gives her skin the baby like texture. At 900g, she is very lightweight and can easily be carried around. She measures 40cm from head to toe making her quite portable. The doll comes packaged with a baby feeding bottle, a magnetic baby pacifier, a baby baby blanket and a babybirth certificate. Candida is a charming baby girl doll and snuggling next to her will bring you all sorts of satisfaction and pleasure.

  • Smile Christmas Girl Doll

Most baby dolls come with an expressionless straight faced look – but not this one. This graceful Christmas girl doll was designed with the most alluring and heart warming smile which is a clear reflection of her sweet disposition. She is dressed up in a Santa outfit with matching hats and stocks. She has inset big brown eyes with thinly painted eyebrows. Her glossy red lips are parted in a smile to reveal two cute front teeth. Underneath the hat is hand crafted light brown faux mohair which just adds to her already charming looks .

The doll is made with GentleTouch Vinyl material which is responsible for her flawless baby like skin. Her arms and legs are movable and can be repositioned to put her in a sitting or lying posture. She measures 42cm from head to feet and weighs about 850g alone but 1000g with the box packaging. In all, she is quite compact when it comes to being carried around. She is packaged with a couple of doll accessories including a baby feeding bottle and a baby birth certificate. This Christmas doll is everything and more you would need this season and her smile would only brighten up your day.

  • Sweet Christmas Reborn Girl

If you are looking to buy a new doll this season, this sweet Christmas reborn baby doll is exactly what you need. Dressed up in a red cotton tee with Christmas inscriptions, a cute fluffy and netty green and red coloured skirt with a red knitted head band to match, she comes well adorned for the season. She has delightful facial features – inset big blue eyes andglossed pink lips which are parted to create a hole where you can insert her feeding bottle or pacifier while playing with her. Her light brown mohair was specially hand crafted to look and feel just like real hair.

The GentleTouch Vinyl material she is crafted with gives the soft and smooth baby like feel of her skin. Her silicone limbs are movable and can be rearrange to make her sit or lie down. She measures 56cm from head to foot and weighs exactly 1300g. Her size makes carrying her around as easy and convenient as possible. Her playthings include a baby feeding bottle, a baby pacifier, a baby birth certificate and a cute pretty white and red baby blanket. You will believe in love ay first sight once you set your eyes on this beauty.

  • Christmas Girl with Her Penguin Doll

Great things come in little packages and this amazing Christmas doll is a testament to that. Her features are perfectly crafted to be so lifelike it may be difficult to tell ay first glance that she is infact a doll. She comes dressed in a pink coloured sweater and a crimson stripped bottoms with a neck warmer of similar design and fluffy white socks. For the headpiece, she has an adorable little hat with three fluffy soft balls – one on top and two hanging off the sides. Not only is her fashion refreshing, this doll comes with her own little doll – a stuffed penguin toy. The penguin toy and the doll share the same fashion taste as seen in their matching neck warmers and hats. Together with her penguin toy, this doll is a treat for sore eyes.

Her big brown eyes are fascinating to behold along with glossy red lips parted to reveal two new front teeth. Her full rosy cheeks and light brown hair which is styled to partly cover her forehead all come together along with other facial features to give that sweet face you will never get tired of looking at. Her skin is made of GentleTouch vinyl to give her skin a baby soft and irresistibly smooth texture. Her small arms and legs are made of silicone and attached to cloth body beneath the vinyl build. She can be placed in a sitting or lying position simply by adjusting her limbs. She is 56cm in length, measuring from head to foot and weighs about 14kg. Other than her penguin doll, she comes packaged with a baby pacifier and a birth certificate. This doll is exactly what you need and it would make the perfect little Christmas gift.

  • Funny Lifelike Reborn Baby Girl

Who said dolls can not be pretty and amusing? Not matter what kind of day you are having, just one look at this funny lifelike reborn baby girl can lighten your mood considerably. She is dressed in a white tee paired with a bright red netty skirt and a knitted headband of matching colour. Her hand inset brown coloured eyes, shiny glossed lips, cute little chin and the chubby rose coloured cheeks give her darling little face a whimsical look. She has a head full of jet black faux mohair styled in a pixie cut fashion.

Expertly crafted with GentleTouch Vinyl, her skin is the most flawless thing you will ever see of feel. Her silicone arms and legs can be detached and adjusted – you can raise her arms and reposition her legs such that she is either sitting or lying down. She measures 55cm from head to toe and weighs 1.5kg, considering her size, carrying her around with you is the least of your problems. Packaged along with the doll are a baby feeding bottle, a baby pacifier and a baby birth certificate. This doll can be your little bundle of joy; you can play with her, snuggle next to her or just hold her in your arms. She may not be a real baby but the joy she will bring to you could not be any more real.

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