The Top 5 Cutest Reborn Boy Dolls

What can a RENORN BOY DOLL do for you? The baby dolls let pregnant women have a great opportunity to practice how to take care of a newborn baby, let children play the game of “play house” and let newborn babies happy. Therefore, today I’d like to show you the top cutest reborn boy dolls.

Melt Your Heart Lifelike Baby Doll Winnie

Look, the little cute silicone baby doll is quietly lying on the bed with his left hand holding high, just like he wants to say hello to you. The baby doll features pink and delicate face, big brown eyes, cherry lips and small hands and feet. He just likes an angel, doesn’t he? There is no wonder that he gets the name of Winnie. How adorable he is!

He wears a striped soft knitted outfit and a white onesie adorned with an Applique bear, matching a pair of light blue sockets to keep him warm. I have to say his clothes fit him well, he looks so cute! When you take off his knitted hat, you can find his short brown hand-rooted hair. Gently touch his hair, face, hands, you will be amazed at how lifelike he feels like. As Winnie is a realistic and lifelike man-made silicone baby doll, every detail is delicate. What’s more, his arms and legs are movable so that you can let him pose in many cute ways as you like and take photos for him.

Realistic Baby Fowler Silicone Doll Boy with Pal

From the first sight to this lifelike reborn baby boy, you will be attracted by his cute look. He has all the features that a lovely baby doll should have, bright blue eyes, rosy plump cheeks, a button-shaped nose and thinning brown hair . He is handcrafted by a famous artist in GentleTouch vinyl and his size is 22 inches from head to toe, which makes you believe this cute silicone baby boy is a real 5-month baby boy. Also his arms and legs are flexible enough to move freely.

He looks extremely cute and realistic in white long-sleeve T-shirt adorned with bear head patterns, comfortable blue pants and cute hat with two “ears”, as well as a baby bib with baby and heart patterns. Besides, there is a bear doll, baby bottle and baby nipple accompanying him. Therefore, you can let him hold the baby bottle or suck on a nipple just like a real baby does.

Printed Dog Clothes Little Boy

When you look at this realistic and cute silicone baby boy with adorable smile, all your annoyances will be removed right now. Look, how happy and pure the baby doll looks! Every detail is so lifelike that you might mistake this baby doll as a real 6-month baby, from his sweet facial feature including hand-made big blue eyes filled with wonders, long eyelashes, glossy mouth, and flexible arms and legs that can be moved as you like.

Moreover, he dresses in a blue long-sleeve T-shirt with cute dog pattern, striped pants and a lovely hat with a dog symbol, which makes him look even sweeter. Once you touch him, you will love him more than ever. This silicone baby boy is designed and made by a professional artist, from his silicone body to beautiful clothes, it can’t be more perfect. This cute baby doll is waiting for you to embrace him into your arms and kissing him.

Sleeping Soundly Boy

Unlike the above reborn boys, this lovely baby doll is a sleeping soundly boy doll with his eyes closed. How sweet and soundly he sleeps! I guess he must have a wonderful dream now. From his chubby pink face, a small nose like a button and rosy lips to his short limbs, everything is so delicate, I’m not surprised that you fall in love with this reborn boy from the first sight. Gently embrace him into your arms and touch his tinny hands and feet. As his limbs can be moved flexibly, you can adjust his pose to let him lie, sit or do other postures as you like. Also, this reborn boy accompanies with a baby bottle and magic baby nipple.

He wears a red short T-shirt adorned with an animal in sailor suit, striped pants and lovely hat, which makes him look more sweet. Why not give this little silicone baby boy a kiss? The baby doll is made of GentleTouch vinyl so his skin looks like real baby skin.

22 Inch Real Sleeping Reborn Silicone Doll

What a sweet and cute reborn boy! I guess he is dreaming of eating something delicious as he put his thumb into his mouth. Except that pose, you can also let him lie or sit with holding his baby bottle or sucking on a magic baby nipple because his arms and legs are movable. He is handcrafted by an excellent artist, his round rosy face, hand-painted eyebrows and little mouth make him look like a real baby. Besides, the baby doll’s weight is 2.9 lb, as heavy as a normal 8-month baby boy.

This darling baby doll also features his cute clothes, a soft white T-shirt, a pure gray pants and adorable hat. There are so many dinosaur patterns on his clothes. If you take off his hat, his soft brown hair will be shown. You can even use a comb to dress his hair. The material of his head, arms and legs are made in soft silicone, so you might can’t tell whether he is a real baby or not when you touch him.

The five reborn boys are so adorable, so beautiful, so lifelike, why not take them home? They can let your baby stop crying, fall asleep and have a playmate. But you should note that these silicone baby dolls are not washable.

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