When we buy our reborn baby we all know that the initial cost can be anything from a couple of hundred to over a thousand.

Reborn baby

But there are additional costs that need to be added onto this.

Cost one is of course clothing.

Now I don’t know about you but I like to have various outfits to change my baby into.

Cost two is basics.

This can be things such as bottles and dummies or pacis.

I think most people that collect reborns like to have these as either role play accessories or as props.

Cost three is nappies or diapers.

Now this may seem like something that would be cheap, but is still a cost you need to take into account.

Really the diaper can only be reused a certain number of times before the velcro starts to fail.

So you need to buy new ones often depending on how many babies you have and how often you change them.

Cost four would be display items so cots, cribs, chairs, etc.

These costs can vary and can be brought second hand.

So the price on this is dependent on each person.

Then you have other accessories such as blankets, rattles, hair bits, shoes and the list goes on.

So if you think that your only outlay is the baby.

Think again.

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