One of the most common questions I get is about a loved one who has passed away. They want to know if they are doing well. Let me explain what happens when you enter the spiritual realm from this dimension.

There is a lot of therapy that has to be done as you transition from everything you have known and experienced in this life. I equate it to something like a newborn baby. Newborns come into the world not walking, talking and full of knowledge. They learn through their parents, environment and time.

The same applies to individuals when they are new in the spiritual world. They have to learn a whole new way of life. You retain the memory of this life, but as you become calm about your new life, many of the emotions and thoughts you hold must dissipate.

Your guardian angels will be with you immediately because they knew you before you entered the third dimension and will continue to be with you throughout your spiritual life. There will be many angels to help you because each has been assigned a different task to help you. You will not be alone and afraid. Many people worry about this, and you don’t. You will be in divine love, and it will be a feeling beyond what you have felt before.

You will spend time in your special treatment room with these lovely deities. Yes, you will meet a lot of family, friends and others during this recovery period. Some people will be with you right away because they have been patiently waiting for you. The animals you have in your life are usually there to serve you because they serve you in the spiritual world. Everyone will come to you when you are ready to be with them.

It was a good time and nothing to be afraid of. You will enter the next phase of your existence where you will be tenderly cared for and healed.

I write a lot about spiritual life because I have a wonderful time in the spiritual world.One of my greatest joys is taking people into the spiritual world through my guided tours and letting them see what’s out there for them

Once you experience divine love in the spiritual world, time will no longer matter and the important things you found in this life will disappear. It’s really beyond our mortal comprehension, but once we get past it, everything becomes clear and makes complete sense. You will be free from all the boundaries of this life. Soar free and have peace.

Think of all the peace and love that awaits you in your next birth.

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