Trampoline safety mats prevent jumpers from spring-related accidents. While some trampoline owners allow people to jump on a trampoline without a safety mat, this is a safety hazard and professionals do not recommend it. Mats are essential to provide a safe trampoline for your friends and family. It’s understandable that many people have a hard time spending money on expensive trampoline mattresses during tough economic times, which is why we’re going to explain to you what to look out for to get a reliable safety mat without spending too much.

One of the most important factors to check when buying a mat is what type of material the mat is made of. It is always recommended to purchase mats made of PVC vinyl rather than polyethylene. This is because polyethylene fabrics are very sensitive to UV rays and deteriorate quickly. PVC vinyl is a strong vinyl that resists UV rays for a long time.

Another factor to consider when looking for a safety pad is the thickness of the pad. Most pads are 0.25″ to 0.5″ thick. This thickness works well with any trampoline and tends to be the most economical option. For customers who want maximum protection against spring pinch and chafing, 1″ thick safety pads are available. These pads cost a little more, but they also provide the ultimate level of protection.

For owners Hedstrom Brand Trampoline There is an option to purchase Hedstrom safety mats. These mats are specially designed for Hedstrom brand trampolines. They are perfect for anyone looking for a budget-friendly safety mat. Often, the covers for Hedstrom brand pads can be purchased separately. So if the foam from the previous pad is still intact, the only thing that needs to be replaced is the sleeve, which can save trampoline owners even more money. An easy way to determine if you own a Hedstrom brand trampoline is to check the peripheral hardware of the original trampoline. All Hedstrom brand trampoline mattresses have grommets instead of metal triangles.

There are many different types of trampoline mattresses to choose from, each with a range in cost. The best thing a trampoline owner can do is research to determine which quality of safety mat is best for their needs and budget. When shopping for trampoline equipment, it’s important to remember that the phrase “you get what you pay for” is very true. Sometimes it’s better to spend more money on a better quality product first because it will save you money over time by not needing to replace it.

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