Reborn baby Bethany had a trip to the dentist today and she was so good.

Reborn baby

She loves to drive in the car but I’m not sure she was quite so happy about the actual dentist chair.

We tried to make her happy by putting her in the pink chair.

Although she did look very sweet in the bright pink chair I’m still not sure that she was necessarily happy about being here.

She wasn’t at the dentist to be looked at herself, but while she was here I thought I would let her have a feel for the room.

Hopefully next time I take her out it will be to somewhere nicer for her.

reborn baby

Maybe I will try and find a way down to the lake and then she can spend some time sitting there.

When we go home I will be giving her some milk and settling down for some tummy time.

One thing I am thankful for is that she hasn’t needed a nappy/diaper change whilst we have been out.

Bethany will not be the only baby having some time outside the house today, Summer spent some time in the garden today which she really liked.

Tonight I have told her that we will watch cartoons after dinner so she is happy.

One of the great things about the babies and toddlers spending time outside is that they seem to sleep so much my peacefully.

That in itself is a good reason to come outdoors.

So with two so far enjoying outside time, tomorrow I will be going outside again weather permitting with some of the other babies.

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