Reborn dolls by themselves are fairly unconventional as they are.

But delve deeper into it and you will also find even more types of unconventional dolls.

As most of you know already a normal reborn baby is a doll which is artistically made to look as real as possible.

There are times when the realism is simply breathtaking.

But there has been a rise recently for the more alternative reborn baby doll.

Dolls that do not look like a normal baby.

unconventional reborn dolls

These babies can be anything from Zombies, Vampires to faries,

I currently do not own any of the fantasy babies, but I do however have one that I really do like.

reborn dolls

This one is called Angel and although she is not a normal reborn baby I really like her.

Looking at these babies made me wonder how many of you own one of the fantasy babies or have considered buying one.

The imagination of the artists for these babies is amazing, this is more than painting a real looking baby.

That job on its own is a hard enough one to do.

Add to that needing to make a real looking doll into a fantasy doll and that is a hard job.

Photos courtesy of The Twisted Beanstalk

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