Some really exciting news to share with you all.

We are reborn expecting.

It is a toddler doll, which is so great as we only have one toddler doll so far, so getting a second will be wonderful.

I am so excited about this as it seems to have been ages since we got a new toddler into the nursery.

Suzy is also excited because there will then be someone else to share the room with Aurora.

We haven’t started shopping for this new baby as we are still finishing her payments.

But soon we will be doing and we truly can not wait.

I do not want to give too many details here about the toddler, apart from to tell you that it is a girl.

When she leaves her current mummy I will let you all know.

Isn’t this one of the best things preparing for a new arrival into the nursery.

So we are excited and can not wait to share her with you all.

We will of course be doing a box opening on our youtube channels and other videos with her in.

So excited.

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