Today at nursery, we introduced Aurora to this new toddler.

We also decided to change the new toddler name.

Now her name is Xia.

We prefer this name and think it really suits her and looks sweet.

We’re excited to find out who Summer is and what she likes.

We also got some new pacis from a store in Sweden which we thought were lovely.

What’s more, we got a letter in the mail saying our box exchange was at our local post office.

Now we can’t wait to go to the post office and see what’s in the box.

But since we don’t have a car right now, we have to rely on the bus, which doesn’t come here often.

So we plan to go there as soon as possible.

Of course, when we get the box, we’ll make a video about it.

So yeah, a lot going on today and of course hugging babies as much as possible.

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