Wall quotes are vinyl decals that stick to walls or other flat, hard surfaces. They will be used as decorative elements in the room, consisting of stylish quotes presented in equally stylish fonts with occasional graphic art. They are ideal for home decor as they are inexpensive, fairly easy to apply and removable. When choosing a wall quote for one of your rooms, one of the choices you will face is whether to choose vinyl panels with a matte or glossy finish.

To see the difference between these two vinyl decals, check out the photo for the matte and glossy finishes – the effects are very similar. In short, the main difference is that glossy vinyl reflects light better, while matte vinyl has a more textured finish and doesn’t glow in the light. Most people end up with a matte finish because it gives a more natural, hand-painted look.

The choice will come down to what you want to create in the room and what already exists in terms of decor. The choice of the quote itself will also influence the choice of matte versus gloss. Gorgeous offers may benefit from a glossy finish, while more zen and introspective offers can be delivered with a matte finish. It’s up to you, and there are many practical variables to consider.

Matte vinyl usually has a sticky stick that can be easily removed from the wall. This is the case even if the quotes on the wall have stayed on this surface for years. At the same time, it may be more difficult to apply matte vinyl to walls with a slight texture. Unless you have a completely flat and smooth wall, matte vinyl is probably not the way to go. In a similar fashion and for similar reasons, this vinyl may only last a few years if used outdoors. However, they work well on glass, mirrors and tiles.

Glossy vinyl has a stronger bond than the other, so it will adhere better to walls with a certain texture, but it is also harder to remove walls if they have been on the surface for a while quotation marks. Depending on the quality of the paint on the wall, it may come off as the vinyl is removed.

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