Have you ever woken up and looked around to a view of a mountain of reborns?


This is a situation that some of us have faced.

This has happened when the reborns in your house get out of control.

It is easily done.

You see one reborn you love so buy it, then see another and so on.

With this habit it is so hard to not love the babies when we see them.

Although you may not always cuddle them all or spend the time you would like with each of them, it will not stop you finding your next purchase.

I mean come on how can we not fall in love with these beauties.

If, like me, your reborns help cheer you up when your feeling down then buying new ones becomes a form of joy.

But it can become out of control and you may find them taking over your house.

This is not always a bad problem to have.

But at some point that collection can grow and grow.

At what point is it enough and you take back control.

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