Reborn artists work so hard to perfect each baby they make.

Reborn artists

When you see a baby you like on social media or by surfing the net it is easy to want one exactly like it.

But is it really fair to take one artists work and ask another to replicate it?

Each artist has their own vision for the babies and their own way of working.

Personally I feel that you should judge each artist based on their own work.

Reborn artists

Artists do not like to replicate each others work, it is better to be unique.

No two babies that have been hand reborn can ever be identical.

So they may be similar but not completely the same.

Work with your artist, they have different ideas that will work even better for you.

The hours and hours involved in making just one baby can be painstaking for the artist.

Reborn artists

It is important to appreciate that, also to accept that rushing the artist is not fair.

I would rather wait and allow the artist to take the time they need to get your baby perfect.

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