This is a brand new magic stress relief cube with multiple functions, such as a time saving, day savings and toy storage. The speed cube has large volume. This stress relief device that uses air to produce a vacuum. With a light and portable design, this stress relief cube is suitable for both kids and adults, helping to focus and reduce stress. The troubles of using infinity cube can improve your concentration, allowing you to focus on the task at hand. With infinity cube, you can get rid of stressinduced phone calls. A new twist on the classic stress relief cube, the troublesome smile of the children’s face or brain without squeezing, just squeeze the button and release the pressure to get a whole new challenge. This stress relief cube can help children develop their creativity, imagination and good handeye coordination. It’s a great brain educational toy for kids because of its simple and powerful design. With this brain game, you can get a nice mood and get rid of the stress cube. This fidget is great for anyone with autism, anxiety and stress in a classroom.

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