Scam Warning

It is reported that many consumers encountered dishonest reborn baby doll sellers who offer counterfeit, inferior products. Their items are completely different from the pictures shown on their website, and many are made of terrible materials.

As a reliable and professional seller, we firmly oppose such behavior and hope that all doll lovers can own quality dolls. Below are some tips that may help avoid scams:

1. Beware of extremely cheap dolls. A cheap price is attractive, but please stay sensible before ordering. Let’s roughly calculate the production cost of a reborn baby doll. First of all, to make a realistic reborn doll, the materials such as silicone that we need to use are not cheap. Moreover, the production of a baby doll usually takes 1-2 months and involves multiple complicated procedures controlled by professional artists and workers. Accordingly, it is impossible that you can get a quality doll at an extremely low price.

2. Scammers often steal product pictures and information from reliable shops like us, and they usually do not reply to your message.

If you encounter the aforementioned situations, please be cautious! Wish you get your dream doll worth every penny.