Choosing the right reborn doll can seem like a quick decision, but in most cases it can get overwhelming due to the wide variety of brands and choices of dolls or models, especially if this is your first Second-rate. In this article, we will discuss important aspects of choosing the right reborn doll for you.

First, you have to set a budget for purchasing the Reborn. The authenticity of the dolls, the special functions they can perform, their build quality or brand differentiation all play a role in price. reborn dolls vary widely in price, typically ranging from the low end of $200 to the high end above $2000. Often, you’ll find that the higher the price, the higher the detail and realism, but that’s not always the case. There are companies and artists that make some pretty awesome reborn for under $300, so don’t worry if you’re looking for a reborn on a budget.

If you have a friend who has reborn dolls, it’s a good idea to look at them and maybe hold them to get an idea of ​​what size dolls you like best. If not, your best bet is to browse Baby Island and check clothing sizes. Doll sizes range from 6 inches to 22 inches. If you’re considering buying it for your toddler, it’s wise to opt for the smaller doll, as he or she will find it easier to carry, while the larger size will be more suitable for adults.

The type of material used by the reborn doll also has a major impact on the doll’s fidelity. With that in mind, the creators of these dolls now use a soft vinyl material called “Gentle Touch or Real Touch.” This is because the texture has a velvety effect, which is the closest thing to a real baby. Plus, it’s durable and easy to clean.

The body of a reborn doll is usually made of soft cloth and vinyl, but it weighs like a real baby. For kids, make sure the weight of the doll, as more than two pounds may be too heavy for a child to carry around.

One of the biggest decisions you make when buying a reborn doll is whether you want a boy or a girl doll. This is obviously a personal preference, and there is really no right or wrong gender in the reborn doll. But think twice about the gender you want, as it affects the type of clothes you buy and how you feed them (show, photograph, etc.), but that’s about it. There are high quality reborn dolls out there that can be reborn like boys and girls, so choose the one you like and enjoy the most.

Some regenerators can breathe, coo, and perform lifelike movements such as sitting and lying down with little or no support, while some do not.

Some dolls have open hands and fingers, while others have small fists closed. The doll’s sculpted legs range from straight to slightly curved or even curled (or little frog legs).

Some reborn dolls can mimic your own skin tone, skin tone, eye color, and your preferred hair type. You can decide exactly what facial expressions your doll needs to have, such as happy doll, sleepy doll or crying doll, etc.

Another choice you have to make is about hair. You love the low maintenance of having a cute bald baby, or maybe a painted-hair baby. Do you prefer rooted hair or wigs?

Regenerators with hair require more maintenance than those without. While you don’t have to spend hours a day in their hair, you do need to brush and brush occasionally to prevent tangles from occurring. Some may find this a hassle, but others may enjoy spending time grooming and maintaining their reborn doll. Before buying, ask yourself if you’d like to spend more time caring for the reborn doll’s hair.

waterproof doll
It is important to determine what purpose the doll needs. Some dolls are waterproof, for kids this would be a better doll for your toddler as they can play with it in the bath. Other dolls may not be waterproof or washable.

choice of clothing
Keep in mind that the size of the doll may affect the size of the clothing the doll needs to wear. In most cases, these doll clothes are included, while for others, the clothes need to be purchased separately.

We hope these tips are helpful and everyone can choose the perfect reborn doll for themselves!

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