Kansas 2022 will truly be a show to remember, and what a fitting way for super-talented artist Albie Wenzel to end her American Doll show compared to the inaugural Kansas Doll Show.

Kansas 2018

Once she stops drawing babies, the reborn community gets worse.

I think she will continue to be a role model for an amazing artist for years to come.

Her babies are so realistic that it’s hard to think they’re not real.

Kansas 2018

At the Kansas Doll Show, Albie will teach an advanced rooting class.

A skill of the highest standard that Albee himself has mastered.

I suspect this class will be a mixed sentiment for Albi.

Kansas 2018

With the fun and excitement of all her classes, it will no doubt be a lot of fun.

But also mixed with my suspicion that this is her last grief.

Kansas 2018

Everyone who is lucky enough to know Albie has benefited greatly from it.

Her talent is just a small part of what will be missed after this show.

Her kindness, warmth and humor will also be deeply missed.

For those of you who are going to take this class, you really learn from the very best.

Kansas 2018

Here you’ll see a small sample of some of the amazing rooting that Albie has done.

The sophistication in this is amazing.

The complexity of this rooting explains why Albie teaches Advanced Rooting.

This is a skill level that Albies has perfected in the community over the years.

Kansas 2018

So if you’re going to the show this year, make sure you head over to Albies and give her a hug.

For most, this may well be the last chance.

Kansas 2018

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