4 tips to take photos for your baby dolls

4 Tips to Take Photos for Your Baby Dolls

If you are a Reborn baby doll lover or a realistic baby doll collector, you definitely want to photograph your Reborn dolls for a number of reasons. You may want to create a catalog or a diary of your Reborn dolls where you want to place photos next to the information of each of your Reborn dolls. You can also post professionally captured photographs of your reborn on your social media platforms. Photos of Reborn dolls can be sent to friends or family members if they are interested in the same hobby as you are.

Sellers and doll artists use the power of professional photographs to get the most benefit out of it. The buyers of Reborn baby dolls want to see how the doll looks like before buying it, so here the role of photographs come into play. You can also capture beautiful and high-quality professional photos of your Reborn dolls. Here are some of the tips to take the best photos of your Reborn baby dolls.

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The Right Camera

The very first and important thing you need to take the perfect photo of Reborn baby is the camera. It plays an important role in capturing high-quality pics. It is not necessary to have a high quality and expensive professional camera for photography of Reborn dolls you can also make use of a good quality camera of your cell phone. You have no need to run after a costly DSLR if you can afford it but it is good if you have one.

You can also go for a point and click camera that is not as expensive as DSLR but offers you to take high-resolution photos of your Reborn baby dolls. It may provide a bit fewer features an option as compared to DSLR but you can save hundreds of dollars and still take excellent photos of your Reborn baby dolls.

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The perfect background

Don’t expect taking picture of a Reborn doll, just pointing the camera and clicking photo. It requires a neat and clutter free background. Keep in mind people will notice everything in the photo around your Reborn baby doll. Therefore you have to do some efforts to create an attractive and neat backdrop. Some of your extra time and efforts will result in great photos that naturally tributes the beautiful appearance of your realistic baby dolls.

Some people simply use the bed or their nursery as a background but it is much better to create a special photo backdrop to make your photos look more realistic and professional. You can buy an affordable backdrop stand where you can hang a blanket as a backdrop. Also, you can make use of chairs for the same purpose. To add more beauty and decorative factor in the photo it is recommended to add accessories like a teddy bear, baby bottle, pacifier or headband for baby girl dolls. The backdrop will create a more professional look and minimize distractions due to the clutter in the background.

Light is also very important for taking photos of Reborn baby dolls. You can make use of natural sunlight if possible or set up an extra light source facing towards your realistic baby doll to add more brightness to the photo. Poor lights can completely ruin your whole efforts. It is recommended to take photos from all the angles at each pose of the Reborn doll before going to take snaps of other Reborn dolls. Always try different poses and positions for making photos of Reborn dolls, as you don’t know which one will work best until you try it yourself.

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Pose or positioning your Reborn baby dolls in different styles is also important for a perfect Reborn dolls’ photo. You can simply place your Reborn baby in natural poses or try different poses to see which one works well. In one pose capture photos from all the angles and try to capture all the details of your little baby doll.

The hairs, eyes, lips, nose, hands, and feet are the parts of a reborn doll that give it a more realistic look, so try to capture every minor detail from all the angles. If you see professional photographs of newborn babies, you will see a lot of cute and attractive poses. You can try any one these for your Reborn baby dolls.

notice the hair and limbs of your baby dolls

Final touches to your Reborn photos

Another tip is the editing of photos to give them a more professional look. Many photo editing software is available that add some final touches to the photo and make them more attractive. Many of us are scared of using photo editing software but it is not that Instead of going to more complex software like Adobe Photoshop, you can go for some free programs available such as Canva. It is very easy to use and allows you to remove blurs, red eyes, add borders, enhance color and sharpen images where necessary.

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