I got the good news today that a baby I’ve been paying for has been shipped.

Thanks to Instagram, I’m in love with this kid and I’m so desperate to get her home and add her to my nursery.

As always, I want to go out and buy her a lot of new clothes, but I know I’ll probably have to limit it to one or two outfits.

I also need to add a new place for her as my nursery is starting to get a little full now.

I guess I can keep her kit name since it’s grown on me and it’s an unusual name. But I will have to discuss it with Susie and see what she thinks.

As always, I’ll be doing an unboxing video and I’ll post it on the site as well, so if you’re interested in it then keep an eye out for an article about it.

I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings as at the moment I’m not sure what will be included.

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