This is just a note to remind you all just how lucky you are to be headed to Kansas.

The amount of work that has gone into making this experience for you the very best that it could possibly be.


The headaches, the sleep less nights.

Debates on whether it will work or not.

The stress and determination that goes into every aspect of this show will ensure that its success will be repeated in many years to come.

Traveling from around the world to get here shows just how much this show is bringing people together.

And just think this is only the shows first year.

Once this show is finished Jenny will have learnt so much that the next show will be bigger and better.

So while you are there whether you are a vendor or attendee enjoy every minute of it, before you know it the show will be over.

There will be laughs and fun each day.

There will also be a small bit of sadness with it.

As this will be Albies last US show.

Can anyone imagine these shows without her?

She will be missed a great deal.

Also for the attendees, shop.

This is an amazing chance to just relax and shop with your friends.

For some of you that isn’t something that you will have the chance to do often.

I know that once the show is over it will seem like a long wait until the next show.

But don’t worry, know that plans will continue to be made and the excitement for it will last all year.

So enjoy, be happy, see all the babies you can.

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