This is the Adrian by Ulrike Gall sculpt.

Adrian by Ulrike Gall

The current average price for this kit is $89.99.

When completed this kit makes a 16 inch baby which makes it when of the smaller sized kits.

This sculpt has 3/4 arms and legs which leads me to recommend dressing the baby in clothing that would cover up all the visable cloth of the body.

Having a soft cloth body makes this little sweetheart extremely cuddly.

Adrian by Ulrike Gall

As Adrian by Ulrike Gall is a sleeping eyed baby, it is not neccessary to purchase any eyes.

Personally I feel that this kit lends itself more towards being a boy than a girl.

And as I need more boys in my collection, who knows, you may see this kit in my personal collection some time soon.

Basic Kit Details.

Current Average Price: $89.99
Size: 16”
Head Circ: ”
Arms: 3/4
Legs: 3/4
Eyes: N/A
Body: Can be added
Vinyl: Real skin vinyl

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