As many of you know I am currently selling my babies, which has promted a few people to ask if i am leaving the reborn community.

Reborn community

So I decided to quickly write this.

The short answer to that question is,

Yes I am selling or gifting my babies.

No I am not leaving the community.

I will still be here and interacting with people.

In time I will rebuild my reborn collection.

Reborn community

I love reborns so will never fully leave the community, just having to take stock and re evalutate.

There are times when I do just find some peace and tranquility when spending time with the reborns I have.

So please do not think that once I have sold or gifted all the babies that I will not be around anymore.

I will..

Eventually I am going to look forward to the time I can share with you all a new baby in my nursery.

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