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She is really so perfect.

You will want to cuddle her forever.

Silicone baby

Prototype Realistic Newborn “Ella” #10

Sculpted, Molded, Poured and Reborn by Jennie Lee of Weebabies Nursery

This gorgeous newborn baby girl is sculpted without the use of any molds in a polymer clay.

She was then carefully molded, and poured into a gorgeous, realistic Caucasian base in a mixture of the highest grade platinum silicone of varying softness for the most realistic feel.

Ella is edition#10, her edition is limited depending on how long the mold lasts, with no more than 25 total.

Silicone baby

Each of my babies are painted and finished differently so each is a one of a kind original!

All images of her are photographed in natural light next to a window with no modifications to the photographs except to add my logo.

It is quite difficult to capture the depth and dimension of her skintone and realism. She looks so realistic in person!

Silicone baby

I have taken photos at different times of the day to try to capture her coloring to the best of my ability.

Ella has been molded with my molding technique that is completely SEAMLESS. There are no seams anywhere on her.

Her silicone is smooth and buttery soft- no lumps or bumps at all.

Bringing her to life has taken many, many, hours of careful painting with the highest quality silicone paint products.

Silicone baby

I have rigorously tested all kinds of silicone paint to find the best products that result in a gorgeous, permanent, silky finish.

She has been permanently matted to a soft, silky matte finish with a special silicone finishing powder that is made of silicone so that it binds to the silicone paint.

Her silicone feels super smooth, and silky to the touch- just like real baby skin!

This gorgeous baby girl is sculpted to the size of a realistic newborn baby.

Her coloring includes many, many layers of realistic newborn coloring, veining and mottling for a realistic multi-dimensional skintone.

Silicone baby

She is painted to be a realistic fair Caucasian skintone newborn baby- including a little scratch on her cheek!

Her arms have custom made soft armatures for more posing possibilities.

Ella has a special flexible neck, she is poured in one piece without a ball joint but her head turns side to side and stays in place as she is posed.

Her neck makes her super floppy and poseable! She cuddles her head up to you when you hold her.

She has some extra features that make her more realistic, she has a drink and wet system installed prior to her pour as well as her armatures and they are not added in afterwards.

Silicone baby

She has a soft core belly and bum to make her extra squishy and floppy in your arms.

Her mouth has a realistic tongue and can fit a full paci/bottle.

Her arms have custom made soft armature for extra poseability.

Her flexible neck makes her super poseable and cuddly!

You can see Ella’s movement video here:

Newborn Realistic Full Body Silicone Ella #10 Baby Doll with Drink and Wet! –


If this video doesn’t work you can also see it here (copy and paste in your browser):


She has been monorooted (one hair per follicle) with a gorgeous, super soft medium brown and blonde mohair by the talented Lazara Brito.

Her hair looks SO realistic and it’s so soft!

When brushing a silicone baby’s hair, the hair cannot be glued so care must be taken to brush gently!

Ella is a small newborn and fits in newborn outfits from Carters and Gap. She can wear anything as she has a gorgeous seamless full body!

Smaller newborns are wonderful for the cuddle factor! They feel so very realistic, and seem to “melt” in your arms.

Her little head must be supported like a real newborn baby.

Her weight is perfect for those who can’t hold a heavier silicone baby.

Ella’s Features:

-Super soft and floppy mix of the highest grade platinum silicone with no additives added

-Flexible neck turns side to side with no ball joint, poured in one piece with no glue or seams whatsoever

-Soft core belly and bum

-Drink and wet system installed prior to her pour

-Custom Soft Armatures in both arms for movement- just in her arms not shoulders so she is still floppy also installed prior to the pour

– Directionally monorooted with the highest quality newborn soft mohair by the super talented Lazara Brito

– Carefully painted with highest quality permanent silicone paint with realistic undertones, mottling & veining in a fair Caucasian Skintone

-Permanently matted to a silky smooth finish (feels like real baby skin!) I use a special silicone powder made from silicone so it bonds to the baby.

– Open mouth with tongue (fits unmodified newborn pacifiers and bottles)

Ella’s Measurements:

-17 inches long with bent legs (18 if legs were straight)
– Weight: 6 lbs

– Head Circumference: 15 inches

Silicone baby

Coming home:

Ella will come home her cream/pink layette, including the adorable custom made cream/pink/pearl set by Concepcion Gomez Dominguez, Cream Spanish knit sweater set, Spanish cream onesie, and Spanish white/pink onesie and a surprise outfit, baby blanket, paci, bottle, and some hand picked extras especially for her.

Limited Edition COAs will also be included.

All baskets, blankets and photo props are not included with her auction.

This baby girl is 100% handmade, from her sculpt her mold, pour, paint and hair.

As with all handmade pieces they are one of a kind and may have little imperfections that are part of a handmade art piece, and is what makes her special!

Ella is a collectable silicone baby doll and is not meant for children as she is fragile and should be treated as a real newborn baby.

Shipping Details:
Free Worldwide Shipping!

International customs are the responsibility of the buyer.

Will offer a short layaway- must message me BEFORE bidding for this option.

To see more pictures check out the . auction using the link below.

Click here to see the full . auction

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