Rose Doll Show 2022 may now be over, but the praise is rolling in about just what an amazing event it was.

Rose doll show 2019

One thing I am noticing is how many pictures people who attended the painting classes are sharing.

Now as you may have read on one of my previous articles I have been wondering just who the painting classes are aimed at.

Is it for those artists who already know what they are doing? Or is it for beginners who have never picked up a blank kit in their life?

Rose doll show 2019

The babies I am seeing from the classes all look amazing.

This is huge praise indeed for the artist that love to teach and lead a painting class each year.

There really is no end to the talent of these people.

The classes themselves are always a great deal of fun and the sense of pride the participants feel at the end must be great.

So keep sharing and feel proud of what you have achieved.

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