All I can say about this little reborn baby is wow, wow, wow.

This gorgeous little one will be available at the Kansas Doll Show 2022.

This is just one of the amazing babies you will be able to see and buy this year at Bobbi Barfoots booth.

For those of you that do not know, you will find Bobbi on Booth 11.

Reborn baby

Make sure you make a bee line for her booth as she will undoubtedly sell out in no time.

“Just about done with him! Light ethnic baby boy. I need to do creases and add a magnet and then he is done. Message if interested. His base ethnic tone was done by Brooke Nicole and I did his mottling, blushing, hair and other details ?. I love him!!! He will possibly be available at the Kansas doll show.”

Reborn baby

Reborn baby

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