There are as many opinions as there are people with as many opinions on raising children. It seems that every parent has their own parenting method, and there is often disagreement about what is right and wrong for a baby. Sometimes, disagreements even occur within the same family. One of these controversial questions is: Are baby gloves safe?

Those parents who support baby mittens will point out that mittens protect babies from sharp fingernails. They protect their delicate skin. They also protect the baby’s eyes.

However, there is another camp that prefers their babies not to wear gloves because they believe that wearing gloves can affect the baby’s sense of touch. They also cited the fragility of babies’ skin as a good reason not to wear gloves, as they were concerned about the materials used in gloves and the presence of chemicals that could irritate the skin.

Another factor in contention is where the family lives. If they live in a cold climate, gloves may be a must to keep your baby’s hands from getting cold when outdoors.

When it comes to newborn safety, most physicians do not directly advocate for infants to use mittens. However, they will remind parents to clip babies’ fingers and toenails to avoid scratching their own skin or eyes.

Trimming baby’s tiny nails can be a daunting task, but there are ways to make it a little easier. Sooner or later you will have to learn these techniques because you can’t keep your baby’s hands gloved forever. Once you’re ready to try your hand at trimming your nails, follow these helpful tips:

  • Sometimes nails are trimmed while the baby is sleeping. This helps eliminate the possibility of sudden movements that can cause problems.
  • Make sure you are using small scissors designed for baby nails

Alternatives to gloves are garments with extended sleeves that end with flaps that cover the baby’s hands. One problem with this type of clothing is that babies’ hands often slip out and they still scratch themselves.

For parents who are against baby gloves because it inhibits their sense of touch, the solution may be to only cover their hands without supervision. If babies are under direct supervision (which most babies are a lot of the time), they should be free to use their hands to explore and engage with the world.

Early in life, babies have little ability to focus with their eyes. Their sense of touch is a very important aspect of their exploration and discovery of the world around them. In the end, perhaps the best solution is a combination of using gloves throughout the day and special touch and feel classes. This might work for some and not for others. Every parent needs to answer this question: Are baby gloves safe?

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