A few days ago I discussed the cliques within the reborn community.

Reborn community

But it got me wondering if some members of this community may also possibly have become a little too big for their boots?

Now as you all know even the most popular people started as no ones at the bottom.

I have yet to meet anyone in the community that I have not gotten along with.

reborn community

Well maybe one that I have a question about just how much of an ego they may have.

But that is my own personal issue to resolve.

It was for different reasons though.

But who gives these so called popular people their power?

I will tell you who, it’s you.

Reborn community

You that consider yourself no bodies have the power to make or break any one in this community.

Whether it be by stopping purchasing the products, not buying from the site, not watching videos, not attending shows, which ever it is the power is with you.

I don’t think it would hurt anyone in this community to remember that and know that if those people stopped providing you with money, you would be a no one and be nowhere.

Reborn community

So in my opinion the so called power of this community does not lay with the people that seem to have placed themselves at the top of the communtiy, but with us all as consumers, video watchers, show attendees and general money givers.

So do not think that anyone in this community is better than you or equally anyone is beneath you.

Each of us holds the power to make a difference.

You are all equally as important here.

And know here you are valued for being you.

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