The Arianna sculpt must be one of the best known toddler kit sculpts.

We currently have one of these sculpts as a little blonde girl and plan to get another at a latet stage maybe as a boy but we are currently unsure of that so do not take that as 100%.

She is Suzys favourite toddler sculpt and has wanted one ever since she saw her.

The kit itself when completed is 28 inches long.

She has full arms and legs, she has a soft doe body which is great for cuddling.

She takes 22mm eyes.

She can wear between 9-12 month clothing.

We have found this sculpt to be one that is very enjoyable to have in our collection. There are ao many options open to you when you have a toddler that make the reborn hobby so much more enjoyable and hopefully entertaining to the viewers who watch the videos with them in.

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