This sculpt is the Avalon kit by Jannie de Lange.


This little kit makes a really stunning toddler baby.

The full price for this kit is currently $189.95.

When completed the kit makes a 35 inch baby, with a head circumferenece of 19.9 inches

Avalon has full arms which means that she can wear any clothing and look super sweet.

Her legs are only 1/2 so you have to pick clothing for her that comes to below the knee, if you want to avoid showing any of the cloth.

As this is an open eyed baby you will need to purchase eyes separately.

This kit needs 24mm sized eyes.

Avalon also comes with a upper vinyl torso and with lower cloth body.

This will all help to create an amazing illusion of a real baby.

The connectors are included with this kit so there is no need to buy them separately.

This kit has been made from peach vinyl produced in Germany.

If you like this kit please use the link below.

Macphersons – Canada


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