This kit is the Bam Bam by Petra Lechner.

Bam Bam by Petra Lechner

I think this sculpt really suits a boy splendidly.

The big eyes on this baby are a cute feature and gives the doll a super adorable cuddle me face.

Bam Bam by Petra Lechner

The current average price for this kit is $89.99.

This price is reasonable and if you consider the end result I am sure it will be no problem to pay it.

Bam Bam by Petra Lechner

A completed baby from this kit is 20 inches.

This I think is a really nice size for a newborn reborn.

With its 3/4 limbs this is another kit that I would recommend dressing in clothing which will cover up the cloth body which is showing.

As it is an open eyed kit it is necessary to purchase eyes.

Bam Bam by Petra Lechner takes a 20mm sized eye.

Having a soft cloth body only enhances the hugability of this baby.

You could sit and cuddle him for hours.

Bam Bam by Petra Lechner

Current Average Price: $89.99
Size: 20″
Head Circ: ”
Arms: 3/4
Legs: 3/4
Eyes: 20mm
Body: can be added
Vinyl: Real skin vinyl

Bam Bam by Petra Lechner

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