So you have decided to purchase your first Reborn, now it’s the fun part of getting bits that you need for them.

So first you will need a bottle.


It is up to you which style of bottle you choose. There is so much choice that it is easy to build up a nice collection of them.

You will also want to have a Paci or dummy for your baby.

Now to keep your baby warm you are going to want to invest in a blanket for them.


One thing that you can not forget to get is nappies or diapers. Now make sure to find out which size you need, preemies of course need smaller ones and toddlers take bigger.


Now it is up to you which furniture you get for your baby if any. You have many choices from a moses basket, cot , bouncer, car seat or swinging cradle. of course these items can work out costly, so if you are on a budget maybe you could try making a bed out of a laundry basket and some blankets.

To keep your babies beautiful hair in order you will want a nice soft baby hair brush.


It is great with Reborns to be able to change your baby and to unable you to do this you will need to have some changes of clothing.


So now you should be ready to welcome your new reborn baby home.

We hope that you can enjoy lots of time with your baby and have many happy years together.

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