Second edition Tink engraved by Bonnie Brown.

Tink by bonnie brown

Tink is a portrait sculpture of a 35-week-old baby. She is amazing! Second Public Edition Pre-Order! ! Kits will be available in April or May 2022.

This little baby is a 17-inch premature baby.

She has full limbs and I love this kit?

She is so cute.

Tink by bonnie brown

Her head is small, 12 1/4 inches in circumference.

Since Tink’s doe eyes are surprisingly large, you’ll want to buy 18mm round flat-backed eyes.

Half webs are included in the price of this kit.

A cloth body is included in this kit (no cable ties)

Tink by bonnie brown

It’s an open-edition kit, so you’ll have no trouble finding one.

The current price for this kit is $98, including US shipping.

Tink by bonnie brown

If you want to welcome Tink to your home, and no doubt your heart, then use the link below.

To buy Tink at Truborns click here

To see our full list of looks available, please use the link below.

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