We all know that Bountiful Baby release some amazing new kits.

Bountiful Baby

The new prototype that has been released is no exception to this.

I love to open my email box and get the mail from them.

This was today’s :

“Hey Everyone!

We have another precious Realborn Priscilla prototype on eBay now. This gorgeous little girl was reborn by the talented Jacqueline Kramer. Click here to view her eBay auction: Priscillas Auction The real Priscilla is the gorgeous little sister of our very first Realborn, Presley. Presley is one of our most loved Realborns who sold out a while ago, his little sister is sure to be a hit as well! To be notified when Priscilla is available, click on the link in her item description: Priscilla’s Item She is a must have , her sweet little face and gorgeous full lips are sure to melt you”

What can I say, I love her.

How could I not?

This stunning baby has been reborn by the super talented artist Jacqueline Kramer. one

This is a baby that I seriously want to bid on.

The details on this baby is simply amazing.

The milk spots are so realistic.

Seeing this kit has definitely added the talents of Jacqueline Kramer to my list of artists that I have to have in my nursery.

I am not saying when I will be in a position to purchase one of her babies, but I will own one one day.

I do not own this photos, they are property of Jacqueline Kramer.

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