So this should not be news to anyone, but being bullied and harassed is not ok.

This is a community which should be built on respect and love for each other.

I have said many times before that the reborn community is starting to change and it is true.

More people think it is acceptable to run others down, pick on and even in some cases threaten violence to another.

My question has to be, when did this become OK?

To me the answer is never, it is never ok.


It is not right to call anyone names that are unkind.

And it sure as heck is not OK to threaten anybody else with any kind of harm or violence.

What kind of person does that? Seriously they would need to take a real long hard look at themselves.

It is not a way of life or a mental state that is good or even grown up.

For the most it is downright childish and such behaviour should have been long grown out of in the playground.

Now trust me I could take this personal. But for now I won’t, just know that if you have fallen into the despicable side of the community that have a severely questionable moral compass that you will not be welcomed.

This is a family and as a family we will not tolerate bullies.

We are far stronger than you will ever know.

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