During my time of collecting reborns, I have used five artists so far.

The first artist I found was one that i am sure we all know which is Still Moments Nursery.

Now Still Moments Nursery are expensive, but I figured that it would be worth it when I recieved my beautiful custom baby.

Well after paying her off five years later i am still waiting to receive the baby.

So as yet i can not see if the money and time is worth it.

The second artist i found was one called lilypie nursery .

I purchased three babies from her, my Amelia,



my Tyler



and my Kia.

When i first recieved them i loved them.
Amelia and Tyler were your normal reborns with soft bodies. Kia is a full body vinyl.

But after some time i began to wonder if a different artist could do a bettet job. Don’t get me wrong I love those three, but there was just something missing with them. I wasn’t sure if it was the hair which in all honesty didn’t go all the way around the heads.

So i started research to find another artist.

I came across Tamara Leigh. After having a conversation with her i ordered my Josiane sculpt who i turned into my little boy Joshua.

My beautiful baby boy Joshua.

My beautiful baby boy Joshua.

After my first cuddle with Joshua I knew I would never go back to Lilypie nursery.

I then went on to order eight further babies from Tamara.

I also have purchased one baby so far from Instagram, who we have named Zoe.
I am still trying to find out her artist or kit name but i have to say that she is very beautiful. Her paint work is amazing.

The last artist i have used so far is Paris Alley Reborns.

Her dolls are exspensive but i feel that they are very good quality.
I purchased my Saskia kit from her.
The paint work is very good as is the rooting. Her hair is amazingly soft and her skin is smooth.

So in answer to the question of whether a different artist can make a difference or not, I believe the answer to that is yes.

Also if you do find an artist that you like, it still doesnt hurt to try different artists sometimes.

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