Today I had to say goodbye to all my children while I travelled to the UK for a few days.

But that’s okay because I know I’ll put them in good hands.

My daughter will take care of them while I’m away.

I even set her the challenge of making her own video with them.

I hope she makes these videos because it’s great to see her with the kids again.

I am so excited to meet two new babies.

One is a little boy, the other is a little girl.

I will also shop there to see all the cute reborn baby stuff.

If I have time, I’ll even go to Babies R Us to see what they have.

I would also love to try getting into Mothercare. This store is amazing and has a lot of cute baby stuff in it.

As always, if I go to any of these stores, I take pictures for my . and Instagram.

I will also make a video for my Youtube channel Reborn Mummy.

Sometimes when I take the baby out or record at the baby shop, people think I’m crazy.

But you know what?

It’s okay to be a little crazy. I mean, how boring would the world be if we were serious all the time?

So I plan to blog as much as possible, video as much as possible, and take as many photos as possible while I’m away.

I hope this is as interesting to you as I am.

There will be articles about as many things I can do when I’m not around.

Today I’m also doing a Christmas raffle for a giveaway I’m doing on my channel.

I am very happy to do this.

Looking forward to seeing who wins.

This special giveaway will be a very quick giveaway as I want to be able to send the item while I’m in the UK.

So many stores, need more money.

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