So the reborn community has many positive things about it.

Reborn community

But it also has some negatives.

One thing that I have observed is some high school type cliques.

This means that some people club together so various reasons.

Some to cause trouble and be mean to other members of the community and then support each other in arguements backing each other up.

Then there are some who think they are better than everyone else.

That like to think that they are like the popular kids in school, where as in reality not many people actually know who they are.

Reborn community

Then you have others who are almost like groupies.

They follow someone else to the point of an obsession.

This can at time be pretty cringy to watch.

Many people within the community now tend to keep themselves to themselves.

Where do I lay in this?

I like to remain as Switerland.

I am here and am willing to be anyones friend if they want to be.

Does’t matter to me if you are a collector, new artist or a so called big name within the community.

I will be willing to be friends with each of you just the same.

So isn’t it time that we as adults stopped this high school behaviour and instead of isolating some within the community become more open.

If we join together as one whole instead of smaller groups we will be much stronger.

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