Now that most people have returned home from the Kansas Doll Show and all the excitement has calmed down it is time to ask could it have gone any better?

I know my own opinion from what I have heard and seen that in fact this show was the best it could possibly be.

Given the fact that this was the first of the Kansas doll shows the fact that it did go so smoothly is a credit to the hosts.

Kansas doll show

Jenny and her family did such an amazing job that you could have been forgiven for thinking this show had been going for years.

Everyone that went had an amazing time.

From the outside looking in it appears that everything ran as smoothly as you could think a show would run.

Kansas doll show

No problem was too big or too small for them, which is the sign of amazing hosts.

They catered for everyones needs.

So could it have gone any better?

Kansas doll show

From an outsiders point of view, no it couldnt have.

The show was absolutely perfect as it was.

Great job.

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