For a very limited time only, I will be drastically reducing the number of babies I currently sell.

sale of newborn babies

All babies I will be selling will come with an extra dress, blanket and a few extras.

The babies I sell are really great.

The third baby I have to offer is my lovely Amelia.

I love this little girl, she is the first rebirth I have ever had.

sale of newborn babies

I paid her £350 when I brought her.

I asked less than half.

At the moment I will accept her for £80 plus postage!

sale of newborn babies

The price is really amazing.

This lovely little lady has always been a hit in my nursery.

I’m now classifying her as a boo boo baby due to possible re-rooting.

sale of newborn babies

She does have some hair, but you can add some more if you decide to.

The images I have included in this article are all from myself.

I will ship worldwide at the lowest possible cost.

Drop me a line if you’re interested, because I only have one.

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