Who wouldn’t want these dining discounts?

Everyone loves a discount and what better than when it comes to eating out.

Dining discounts

Kansas Doll Show host Jenny has gone above and beyond to ensure her shows success.

Jenny has revealed a selection of dining discounts for people whilst there.

This is amazing of her to do.


These offers are amazing, no need to go hungry when there.

If anything this will just add to the excitment of the event.

Dining discounts

You can even save at certain venues if you eat out with friends.

How awesome is that?

This show is seriously shaping up to be an amazing show.

I am gutted that I can not be there.

But I will certainly be living it through everyone there when they post.

So thank you so much for that.

So enjoy, have fun and treat yourself to that dessert, you know you want to.

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