Advertising does work in grabbing people’s attention and getting them to remember our products and your services, but it all depends on the ad creative and gimmicks you have. The same goes for ads that use the logo. You need a good idea and an appealing logo to make your advertising work, and a well-thought-out and well-executed typographic logo can mean a huge boost to your company’s sales or brand revenue.

printed signage

Using printed signage for your advertising needs can work well if you know how to make them and where to place them. When you create a digitally printed vinyl sign for advertising, your first concern is the design. These designs must catch the eye of the target market, but be done in a way that is not easily forgotten or seen as an eyesore. Where to put your printed signage is the next hurdle you have to address, and for your advertising signage to work, you need to know where your signage will get the most positive results. Depending on your product and target market, using an advertising logo can work for you.

Give your customers what they need

Another factor that affects the effectiveness of an advertising logo is whether it answers questions and meets customer needs. Having gorgeous and attractive printed signage can get their attention, but will it stick in their minds as something worth remembering? If it answers their needs or questions about the products you offer, it will. When you post digitally printed vinyl signage on a ballpark or vehicle, it should at least answer their questions about certain needs. After creating the sign, you need to tell the sign maker what you need and discuss the possibilities of the sign. The better your logo fits what your customers want and need, the more successful it will be in advertising.

Use easy-to-read fonts

While you may prefer a refined font, and your brand may be written in a refined font, you may want to consider a simpler font for your message on printed signage. Keep in mind that not everyone can easily decipher those complicated scripts or wavy fonts, using a simpler font will work better for you as it will allow more people to understand the message you want to convey. You may also want to use a font that is neither too large nor too small to read, which can take care of those who may have difficulty reading smaller fonts or those who find large letters annoying. Another tip about the typeface you use for your printed signage is to use a consistent typeface instead of script on one side and block letters on the other. This can easily confuse potential customers and cause them to ignore your signage, making it an ineffective and useless fee.

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