We all know that reborn babies are exspensive.

For the most part this is not a hobby you can get into cheaply.

Reborn babies

But there is some good news.

For the people that would love a reborn, but have yet to get their first baby there is hope.

So how could you get your own free reborn?

Well first let me say that you should never never ask someone for a free reborn.

It is really not done and it can insult the person.

But what you can do is enter every giveaway.

Another thing that I do on my Youtube channel sometimes is do subscriber appreciations.

The ones that I have done so far is to send people that have gone above and beyound as a subscriber a reborn baby as a thank you.

So do not give up hope.

Just because you may not have a baby now, doesn’t mean you won’t ever.

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