This super sweet full body silicone baby is for sale on ..

Sculptor and artist Donna Kohn has done an amazing job.

Silicone baby

Donna’s Darlings


Aimee #1

full body silicone with arm and leg


Carrie George sculpt

I have found my new passion,

We are striving to make them as realistic as possible, she’s not flawless and her little

imperfections just add to her uniqueness! made into a full body platinum Ecoflex 20 silicone

Silicone baby

amazing sculptor

Carrie George

She was delivered from her mold at

pm //2022

5 lbs 17 inches if her legs are straight

She can drink and wet I recommend distilled water only

I sell retail and from my website listing could be ended at anytime if there is no bids

Silicone baby

I sculpted her and my husband poured her in ECOflex 20 Platinum silicone with no additives which is soft

She was poured in a full body glove mold so there are no body seams The only seam is where the head is attached with silpoxy.

No worries when bathing her.

she is so cuddly

her hair is rooted with dark brown soft alpaca hair

The hair is rooted in the silicone which grabs the hair and there is no way to seal it so take care when styling and washing


skin with all the veining and detail of real skin painted with the best silicone paints

mixed by me to make the most lifelike skin tones

applied in many layers to achieve the “”Living skin””

Silicone baby

with all the veins and tiny vessels with a light mottled look

a beautiful pink healthy baby glow

then she was matted so she is not sticky

Nails have been shaded, tipped and sealed for the fresh clipped look

nostrils have been shaded and glazed to look moist

The skin is very soft and smooth like a real baby’s

The pictures do not show all her detail

she is solid Platinum silicone ECOflex 20.

she has a few imperfections as she is a hand crafted doll.

Silicone baby

she is an adorable cuddly baby girl up for adoption she is weighted to snuggle into her new Mommy’s arms and her head needs to be supported


she will come home with

all she is pictured in

a beautiful soft blanket of my choice

diaper and paci and bottle

certificate of authenticity

all other items are props

I also sell my babies retail and the listing could be ended at any time if there are no bids

She is an adorable cuddly baby girl up for adoption she is weighted to snuggle into her new Mommy’s arms and her head needs to be supported

My babies are OOAK I can never create another just like this one so if she captures your heart do not let her get away

I have been featured in All about Women magazine

I am a grand mother , God blessed me with 8 beautiful grandkids and I love babies I have been making these ~LITTLE IMAGES OF GOD’S MIRACLES~for over 7 years and enjoy every minute of it.

I study babies and collect pictures and try to make each of my babies with the most realistic detail that I can.

Silicone baby

No two of my babies are alike I also weight my babies so they feel like holding a live baby in your arms they snuggle up to you.

Creating these little joy’s is truly a labor of love.

I donate much of my proceeds to help children St. Judes, make-a-wish, Hope Pregnancy Crisis Center and NRTL just to mention a few.

It takes many hours to produce a beautiful baby and as most reborner’s know we make very little in labor.

I love sending them to their new Mommy’s and Daddy’s and reading the comments that are sent back to me that is the real payment for all the hours of labor.

So look at these little darlings and enjoy them and if one special one captures your heart adopt your own little darling God’s Blessings to all Donna master reborn artist

My babies are made with as much love and care as any reborn that is up for sale I use only the safest and best materials that I can get.

God’s Blessings to all

NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 13 he is not a toy but a collector item to cherish for many generations.

Presented by Donna’s Darlings Reborn Nursery Creating Little Images of Gods Miracles.

I have been reborning and making dolls for 7 years and enjoying every minute of it.

I am a member of many reborn guilds but have not learned how to put them on my auctions.

Thank you for visiting my baby boy and God Bless you and your family Donna

Click Here to see the . listing.

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