Have you ever considered learning how to paint reborn babies but been too unsure? Then why not consider our reborn painting classes as the ideal place to start.

Our painting classes have two locations, one in LA and one in Vegas.

The classes are being taught by amazing artists.

reborn painting classes

LA is Bobbi Barfoot, owner of Barfoot Babies and Truborns.

Vegas will be taught by Elisabetta Monari, who has held several classes in the past at some of the top reborn shows.

Reborn painting classes

Reborn painting classes

Their expertise will help you learn the tricks of the trade, no matter if you are learning as you want to start your own nursery buisness or if you just want to paint as a hobby.

As well as meeting new friends you will get to have a laugh with people that can become close to you in time.

We are focused not only on teaching you how to paint your baby, but also in providing you a safe place to be yourself.

With classes limited to 20 people they will not become too big.

Everyone has the chance to meet for a welcome drink the night before.

At the end of this three day course you will leave with your finished baby.

Rose 2018

So a baby , good time and new friends, what more could you want?

So if you are interested feel free to contact me for more info, or just use the link below.

Reborn painting classes

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