Anyone that has attended reborn painting classes knows just how much fun they are.

The two up coming classes in both LA and vegas are no different to this.

Painting class

For the three days of the course you will be surrounded by friends.

Taught by amazingly talented teachers that will share with you their years of experience.

Painting class

Each class is limited to only 20 people.

Thanks to this you will get the exact help you want to learn the craft.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to learn to paint as a beginner or if you already know how to paint, it will be a great place to learn new techniques.

Painting class

As well as the three day classes you will also have a meet and greet drink the night before classes begin.

This is of course up to you if you wish to join it.

In addition to this you will also get a raffle ticket to win some amazing prizes.

And at the end of the three days you will leave with a finished baby.

painting class

So to find out more information use the link provided below.


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