All babies are cute, real and reborn, but for everyone there are some kits that just grab you more than others.

For me one of those kits is the Saskia sculpt by Bonnie Brown.

If i’m honest I find that some of these kits can look a little creepy.

That is why i was so happy to find a Saskia baby that had already been reborn beautifully and I fell in love with her instantly.

She has been reborn by Paris Alley Reborns and was if i’m honest more than i had ever spent on a baby. But I just knew i had to have her .

I was not disappointed.

She was or should I say is so pretty.

So I am glad that i kept looking for the right baby for me because rushing it would have been bad and could have meant me buying a baby that wasn’t quite right for me.

My advice, don’t rush your dream kit.
When it’s the right baby, you will



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