Name: Aubrey

Date of Birth: February 8, 2016

Weight: about 6 lbs

Length: 22 inches




This beautiful little girl is named Aubrey and she is made in an absolutely gorgeous limited edition and sold out Saskia look by the very talented Bonnie Brown. Bonnie is one of my favorite sculptors, they have such beautiful details, and Aubrey is a lovely baby girl. I love her sweet expression and when you look at her you just want to pick her up and hug her!

She fits baby clothes in sizes 0-3/3-6 months and is a cute little girl. She is about 22 inches long and has full arms and full legs.
Her body is a flesh-colored suede body, and her arms, head, and legs can be turned gently.


Aubrey has a beautiful pair of designer light blue/grey glass Rauscher eyes and they look very realistic.

She is weighed using high-quality finely crushed beads, polyethylene granules and steel balls, and her body is filled with lovely and soft luxurious fiber fillers. She needs to hold her head carefully like a real baby. I never use sand on my baby so she can travel around the world safely and I always use the highest quality materials for my baby.

Aubrey has been applying several layers of Genesis thermoset paint for hours without fading or cracking. Her skin is layered to give her a more realistic look. She has texture, blue tones, mottled, shaded, well-manicured nails, natural lips, and her brows are gorgeous too. Aubrey is covered in Genesis Matte Varnish all over to prevent shine, and her skin is slightly textured.


Aubrey is rooted in gorgeous dark brown Susan Nagal mohair, which is top quality. It is so soft and delicate and shiny, combs and styles gorgeously. Her hair has been microrooted with hair directional. Her hair can be sprayed with water/baby conditioner, then lightly combed and styled as it is sealed from the inside. She also has a pair of lashes to complement her hair color.

She currently doesn’t have magnets, but upon request I can add magnets so she can bring a dummy/have a magnetic hair bow, if you’d like to add any magnets please message me after the auction and I’ll be happy for you Do. Be aware that magnets are dangerous for people with pacemakers.


The reborn Aubrey has put so much time and love into her that she will absolutely happily hold her, and once you have her in your arms, you won’t want to let her go. I have taken a lot of photos of Aubrey in different light and locations and what you see in the photos is exactly what she looks like, so please only bid on her if you are sure you want her.

I do not recommend Reborn Babies for children under the age of 13.

All my babies have been reborn in pet-free and smoke-free environments.

To bid for her, please visit


Beautiful baby girl in Saskia kit from Bonnie Brown xx


about me

I am the only artist for Tamara Leigh Reborns. I have been a professional artist for over 5 years and painting has always been my passion. I absolutely love Rebirth, I am so excited to bring these beautiful babies to life, I am very proud of my work, I have sold my babies to happy clients all over the world.

I give the utmost care and attention to every baby I give birth, I take great pride in my work and constantly strive to find new ways to make my children better, I invest a lot in my work of love and time, even down to the outfits I choose specially for each baby.

I’m a proud recipient of a PRAISE award, which you can check out at the top of my list, and I’m also a member of some lovely Reborn Guilds and have won Artist of the Month awards multiple times.

I also recently had the great honor of being an 8-page featured artist and interviewed in the incredible World Reborn magazine, and I’m so excited to be able to do that.

I also recently had the great honor of creating a prototype for the amazing Adrie Stoete, which was an amazing opportunity.

If you want to see more of my babies visit my . ‘Tamara Leigh Reborns’ or visit my website, you can also visit my Coming Soon page to see what babies I am currently or will be working on at future.


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Aubrey will bring:

Her Tamara Leigh Reborns birth certificate (her name can be changed, please let me know if you have another name you want)

care instructions

Certificate of Authenticity




Floral Embellished Aqua Monsoon Party Dress

pink dress with shorts

Lace Ivory Bow Headband

Lace Ivory Bow Barefoot Sandals

(All clothes and toys are brand new)

She will be securely wrapped in her baby blanket, wrapped in a box with bubble wrap to ensure she is not damaged, and will be sent by courier upon receipt of payment.

I always track my kids through Parcel Force 48 hours

Payment will be made by Paypal within 3 days of the auction, if you are sure you want her, please only bid on Aubrey.


I am proud of the quality of my rebirth, so if you want to return your baby you must contact me within 24 hours of receiving him/her explaining why you wish to return, I do not offer “change of mind” refunds . The baby must be returned in exactly the same condition as when he/she was delivered. If you have any concerns or questions please drop me a line and I will do my best to help.

If you have any questions about baby Aubrey drop me a line and I will get back to you as soon as possible

thanks for looking


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