Yay, the Hilton rooms are now open to book for Rose 2022.

Rose 2019

This is when it starts to really get real.

If you do want to stay here you do have to be really quick as they sell out really fast.

Why choose to stay at the Hilton.

Bottom line is that it is THE place to be at Rose

It is where everyone hangs out in the evenings and where you can make friends.

It is connected to the Davis center so no real walk to get there each day.

Rose 2019

I would love to stay at Hilton during my stay.

My only draw back is the price.

Being Hilton it is never a cheap hotel, but as it is a group booking there is a discount code that can be applied to the booking to get a reduced fee.

The code is ‘Rose’

I think it is worth using it and booking soon.

But again be quick as they will get booked up really quick.

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