Rose Doll Show 2022 has been announced and we are all getting excited already.

We can’t wait to see how they can improve on this years show.

Rose doll show 2019

So as I really want to go next year I wanted to start planning for it early.

So today I have booked a room for my daughter and myself at La Quinta.

Rose doll show 2019

This is sort of a back up option.

As this hotel is now booked I now have a secure room for the time.

If the hotel that I want to stay in becomes available then I may change my hotel, but as things stand the first step is done.

Which was to locate an hotel.

The next step is to purchase the tickets.

This is something I’m looking forward to and hope to have done within the next couple of months.

Last thing to arrange then will be flights.

Now I am aware that the show is still a year away, but I figure it is better to plan for it in advance then to end up missing out.

Buy your rose doll tickets here

I have to admit that I was relieved to have this booked, now the focus can really be on when I get there.

I actually think that my daughter is really starting to consider getting back into reborns properly since she knows this is happening.

It would be great to get her back into reborns as much again.

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