It seems like that many kids are fond of baby dolls as well as some adults. Since people may clutched the dolls in arms every day and schlock can do some harm to their health, the materials that dolls are made of seem to be important.

Gentle touch vinyl baby dolls

GENTLETOUCH VINYL BABY DOLLS are made of vinyl whose tactility is almost the same as the real skin and is smooth like a baby. This kind of dolls can be customized by adding distinct hair color, skin color, even birthmarks. It’s very interesting that some people require the dolls looks like celebrity.

GENTLETOUCH VINYL are whom durable for the baby dolls are always play with, rather than leaving them alone as a bibelot. You can hug, snuggle and cuddle your gentletouch vinyl without fearing the wear and tear. The price of gentle touch vinyl is not expensive.

Silicone Baby Dolls

Silicone baby dolls are highly appreciated by the owners. They also have a fancy price, ranging from $200-$1000. Silicone baby dolls have soft and elastic skins as the infant. Though silicone baby dolls endear themselves to the public, they also have some problems . The materials of silicone baby dolls are not stable which means you may replace them more frequently. They will become rag after a short-lived time.

FlexTouch Vinyl Baby Dolls

Flextouch baby dolls are flexible who own the baby-like fingers and toes. FlexTouch is made of silicone and vinyl which make it have the same flexibility as silicone and the durability of vinyl. FlexTouch vinyl is also much more durable than silicone, and need less powdering because it is natural soft. FlexTouch is the closest to silicone on the market today, but only costs a fraction of the price!

Reborn doll

REBORN DOLLS are first made by manufacturer and transformed by artists to resemble the dolls as real as an infant. The basic process involves in taking a vinyl doll, adding some painting on the doll’s surface and affix other physical features to the dolls. Comparing with Gentle touch vinyl baby dolls, silicone baby dolls and flex touch vinyl baby dolls, reborn dolls may lay more emphasis on physical form.

All of these materials will make a snuggly, adorable baby doll. You can buy the baby according to your own needs and the way you play with them. As for me, I recommend the gentle touch vinyl baby dolls, because they have the highest performance price ratio.

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